The sea is warm and the waves are big , and the fish with there tropical colours were swimming around. I was with my brother in our tiny boat which costs quiet a lot to us but not to other people . Me and my brother were in the middle of the carribian Ocean admiring the amazing view. As time was going on we traveled to the middle of the ocean but then we saw something in the distance forming a black cloud in the sea.   We got closer and close and we thought, “what do we need to do if they are really mean and cruel?”

We got got close and my mind was everywhere, worrying about what they might do. It was a ship, it was a massive one with huge sails at the top. There were cannons on the side loaded in case something happens.  I saw the Croatian order all the people in the ship.  People went down to the bottom of the ship, the cannons we’re loaded,  I staretd to get really nervous incase they were going to shoot me and my brother.a few seconds later….BANG!